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Electric Menagerie

Jill often enjoys rendering images that play on the juxtapositions of the color wheel. The use of these complimentary colors results in the “Electrifying” results portrayed here.

She has also kept an eye on the quality of movement of each animal’s essence as well as in the spirit behind their eyes.

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Electric Burro-oil on canvas
20" x 14"


Electric Jack Rabbit-oil on canvas
14" x 10"



Electric Leopard-oil on canvas
20" x 14"


Lucy in the Pink-oil on canvas
18" x 14"


The Artist's pup

Electric Parrot-oil on canvas
8" x 10"


Zebras-oil on canvas
16" x 20"


Jama-oil on canvas
20 " x 30"


Butterfly in Purple Bloom-oil on canvas
14" x 16"


Electric Coyote-oil on canvas
18" x 16"


Electric Lizard-oil on canvas
14" x 10"


Mountain Lion-oil on canvas
14" x 18"


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